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NVR map (1).png

The NVR map is a useful reminder of some of the core principles and tools that underpin the NVR approach. It's a great starting point for anybody who's new to NVR or who needs a bit of a refresher. Parental presence is at the centre and increasing parental presence is the main goal of NVR work. In our training and one to one work, we introduce the principles and tools layer by layer.


Because the particular focus of our work is with parents whose children and young people have experienced early trauma, have mental health difficulties or special educational needs, we spend time introducing theory around those things too and helping parents to adapt the ideas to their specific circumstances.


Have a look at some of the core principle ideas below. Click here to go back to where you were.

1 Parental presence.png
2 De-escalation (1).png
3 Relationship gestures.png
4 Baskets.png
5 Building community.png
6 self care.png
7 Values.png
8 Active resistance.png
9 Announcements.png
10 Siblings.png
11 Vigilant care.png
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