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Hello and welcome!

There’s currently three of us that make up NVR informed North East. I’m Elaine Nicholls. There’s also Gail Humphrey. And there’s Al Coates.

NVR informed North East isn’t a business or an agency: we all deliver NVR training and support as independent practitioners (although we do sometimes come together to deliver groups or workshops). As well as being accredited advanced practitioners, we’re also adoptive parents bringing together our real lived experience of parenting children living with trauma, mental health difficulties and special educational needs, and our experiences of supporting many other families.

There’s no magic wand for the kinds of difficulties we experience as adopters, foster carers, or kinship carers, but we’ve found NVR to be the best that’s out there. It’s made a significant positive difference to our lives and to the lives of our children. We recognise that we’re in a unique position as parent practitioners: on the one hand we really get it, and on lots of different levels, which is a huge strength; on the other hand, we’re also living the challenges day in and day out, and that brings a vulnerability. We need support from each other. Together, we're stronger.

It’s taken longer than expected to get this blog off the ground but there we are. Life takes over. Better late than never I suppose. The plan is to blog every couple of weeks and to keep our posts short and to the point. We’ve got lots of ideas for topics that we’d like to write about, and we’re also more than happy to be asked to write about a particular topic or to answer a specific question within a blog post. We’d also love to share posts written by other parents about your lived experiences of using the principles of NVR. We want to keep it real so if you’re finding it tricky, that’s okay. We’re not looking for perfect stories: we want to keep it real.

If there are other parent practitioners in the North East who'd like to come on board, we’d love to hear from you.


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