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Typical support packages are listed further down the page. These are intended to give you an idea of the kinds of things we do. We've all written/delivered lecturing or training in various capacities. Talk to us if you want us to put together something bespoke for a family or team.

one to one
  • This is usually around 10 sessions, sometimes a few more if things are really complex, sometimes less

  • It's the full NVR programme (unless for some reason there are elements of the approach that we don't think would be a good/safe fit) with a focus on what's happening/needs to happen

  • Sessions are about an hour and a half usually

  • One to one NVR works well virtually but face to face is an option if you're in the North East

  • By one to one we mean a parent or a couple (or a parent with a friend if that works better)

  • With agreement, we provide a report summarising the work carried out and making recommendations

parent groups
  • This is a set group programme - the full NVR approach over 8 or 10 weeks

  • Less tailored than one to one but we do atill try to focus on the needs of whoever's in the group

  • Sessions are usually two or three hours long (if we manage to finish on time) .

  • We like groups to have between 5 and 12 people present but that's not a hard and fast rule

  • There's a WhatsApp group for support between sessions, and continuing when the course is finished

  • We usually follow up with three group sessions at about monthly intervals

  • Single parents/carers attending the training can bring a friend or relative.

support sessions

Individual support over one or more sessions might be the most helpful way forward where:

  • you've already completed a full NVR programme but it's been a while and the children have transitioned into different developmental stages since you completed the training

  • you need some help to think about how NVR can be used to manage a specific issue you're feeling stuck with

  • you're not sure whether NVR is for you and you want some help to think about that before committing to the full programme



This is a two or three hour session, aimed at parents/carers who want to understand more about NVR. We'll give an overview of the appraoch, talk about some cases where NVR has been helpful and some cases where it hasn't. We'll try to help you to explore and decide if there might be a benefit to you. Can be delivered virtually or face to face depending on location. Professionals are welcome.


This is a two or three hour session, aimed at friends and familiy of parents/carers who've completed the NVR course and aren't sure what it's about and don't know how to help. Delivered virtually. Professionals welcome.


Parenting children who've experienced early trauma can be incredibly rewarding and also relentlessly challenging. In this two or three hour workshop we explore the impact of trauma from the persepective of infants and young children - how they experience themselves, their caregivers, and their world, the meaning they make of their experiences, and the strategies they may develop to survive and manage pain. We'll explore the different types of stress and trauma a parent/carer might experience as a result of parenting in these circumstances and we'll explore what might be realistically possible as an alernative family experience. For parents and carers.


This is usually a three hour session. We briefly explore typical/healthy sibling dynamics - the kind that might be turbulent but ultimately support development and build resilience. Then we'll explore sibling dynamics that aren't so typical and need to be carefully managed - identifying the hallmarks of both the healthy and the harmful. In NVR, the needs of children are considered to be:

  • feeling safe, and knowing parents and other important people are safe

  • having a sense of being valued within the family and within their communities

  • having self respect and respect for others, including parents

  •  having opportunities, encouragement, and support to develop the skills needed for a good future

We'll help you to think about how you can best meet the needs of each child in the family using NVR.  This course is designed for parents and carers with more than one child living in the same home but might be appropriate for parents supporting contact between children who live apart and spend time together.


This is a two or three hour workshop, aimed at parents and carers. Using personal and non-identifiable professional examples, we'll explore the impact of loss and trauma in the system around a traumatised child - how and why things can sometimes go disastrously wrong when parents/carers seek help from professionals at times of crisis. We'll explore the perspectives, roles, and responsibilities of various professionals that may come into our lives (education, mental health, social care, police) and reflect on how we can navigate the system more safely at our lowest points. Professionals also welcome.

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